Arthurmac consistently delivers stable
above market returns for investors.

Since 2005, Arthurmac has delivered stable above market returns for investors via direct 1st mortgage investments through sound knowledge of the local market, a diligent and experienced credit team. We continue to demonstrate a capability to create worthy mortgage investment opportunities for our private clients.


Arthurmac is now offering the opportunity to invest in the Arthurmac Private: Senior Debt Fund, a private investment entity that aims to generate returns for investors by providing senior debt, on a first ranking and Registered Mortgage basis, to what it considers to be worthwhile mortgage investment opportunities. Substancia Capital Pty Ltd atf Arthurmac Private: Senior Debt Fund (AFSL 435500).

Advantages of Investing in the Fund

Achieve higher yields through Arthurmac’s 1st Mortgage investment opportunities.

Experienced Team

The Team at Arthurmac are Career Mortgage Professionals who have extensive experience in mortgage lending, property transactions and investments.

Rigorous Assessment Process

The Investment Manager assesses each Select Investment including the loan, security and borrower to ensure suitability to be included in the Arthurmac Private: Senior Debt Fund. The investment proposal is then presented to the Credit Committee for assessment and approval.

Attractive Rate of Return

Distributions are paid monthly in advance allowing Investors to receive returns before they are accumulated. Competitive distribution rates are applied to each Select Mortgage Investment which the Investor has the opportunity to select the mortgages to invest in.

No Entry Costs

Unlike many other investments, there are no costs to the investor to enter the Arthurmac Private: Senior Debt Fund. However, there are trustee/management fees, which form part of the interest rate paid by the borrower whilst the loan is active. Typically for shares there are brokerage costs and stamp duty for direct property purchases which decrease the overall return available on your investment.

Control of Investment

You the investor have the opportunity to choose the Select Mortgage Investment that is most attractive to you before investing in the Arthurmac Private: Senior Debt Fund. Each Mortgage Investment is secured in a unique class of Units within the Fund and is managed separately. Only the Investor(s) in a that Unit class are entitled to the income and capital from that Select Investment.

Secured Investments

Each class of Units is secured by first Registered Senior (1st) Mortgages over legal interests in real property as outlined in the Loan Memorandum.

We are the Leaders in Private Mortgage Investment in Australia. With over 16 years experience in providing our loyal Investors with quality 1st Mortgage Investment opportunities, and professional management services. Ensuring stable returns are enjoyed by all Arthurmac clients is paramount to our success.

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